Weekend in Wales


Claudette and I spent 2 nights in Wales together.  We both arrived from different locations (I had spent 2 nights in London with Uncle Jeff and Aunty Susan where I was introduced to ‘The Newcastle Song’ by Bob Hudson – youtube it!! and had a delicious dinner out at a local Italian restaurant)

I arrived before Claudette because her train door didn’t open at the station so she had to take another train back so I had an extra hour so I browsed the Visitors Info Centre.   We caught the bus out to Tintern from Chepstow which took about 20 mins – it was a pretty drive and we ended up in Tintern where a lovely old man told us which stop we should get off at in order to walk to our B&B (yes we treated ourselves)  Tinter was really small which followed a stretch of the river Wye so everything looked onto it.  Our B&B was so cute – our room had 2 beautiful beds and was decorated so nicely in a country cottage style.  Our window gave us a great view of the river and of Tintern Abbey which was down the other end of the river.  We unpacked and relaxed in our luxury room and then went for a walk up the river.  We went past the St Michael’s church to the old railway station and then up across the Brigweig Bridge.  It was just so green and fresh.  Walked back towards Tintern Abbey as it was getting dark which meant we saw all the B&B’s gradually turn on their lights and saw the Abbey all lit up.  We had dinner at a nice pub nearby and stayed there for a while just talking.  We walked home in the mist which was cool and watched Slumdog Millionaire on TV.

The next morning we woke up feeling refreshed and were met with a delicious full cooked breakfast by the owners of the B&B.  Played with their 5 new puppies which were just so fun.  We walked around the shops in Tintern – including the Tintern Mill and browsed all the gift shops and then caught the bus into Chepstow where we went to the Chepstow museum which was very cute and then spent the rest of the day looking at shops, having a nice afternoon tea in a cute tea room, walking up around the big Chepstow Castle and tiny winding streets.  It was such a nice relaxing day.

Had another beautiful breakfast the next morning and another play with the puppies (who we found out were worth 1000 pounds each!!) and then went and explored Tintern Abbey.  I had no idea who big it was – I had assumed it was just a church but it was a whole community!!  It was all in ruins and there were only walls left but it was fun walking around and learning what went on in there. We took some fun photos – trying to jump at the same time to show just how big the abbey was compared to us even when we jumped really high.  It was a very cool place.  Unfortunately because the buses were so infrequent we missed the one going back to Chepstow but there turned out to be a big tree that had fallen over last night which blocked the road to Chepstow so we had to catch a different bus which took us along the detour.  It took about 40 mins but it was so relaxing and it took us up really high so we had some great views of the green landscape and countryside which was totally worth it.  In Chepstow Claudette wanted a ‘sticky toffee muffin’ but said ‘Oh I’ll get a stick toffy muddin’ which was just so hilarious at the time and we laughed for a bit and then because she had her heavy backpack on I went in and bought it.  I was so hard to ask for one – I started cracking up in the middle of ordering so the lady thought I was a complete nutcase!  We caught trains back (I had to buy another ticket as we had missed my first one) we both got off at Newport and then had to say goodbye and get on separate trains – It was quite sad but its not like we are never going to see each other again!)  Got back to London and had a nice cup of tea with Aunty Susan and then dinner when Uncle Jeff came home  Had to shuffle my luggage around a bit and work out what I was taking to Germany so had a late night.


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