Pesaro with Vanessa and Felicity


My journey to Pesaro was complicated by the fact that there was a serious amount of snow the previous night which meant by the time I got to the train station in the morning there were hundreds of people all waiting around as trains kept on being delayed and then cancelled.  Unfortunately mine was one of the trains that got cancelled so took a while to figure out what I should do as the line for the help desk was incredibly long!  Was thinking that I might have to stay an extra night in Florence but as forecasts were for even more snow so in the end hopped on the next train bound for Pesaro – luckily the guard were very lenient about tickets because of all the cancelled trains.  There was just so much snow the entire journey – so pretty!  I got into Pesaro about 4 hours later than initially expected and was met at the station by Vanessa and Felicity.  The next few days it was snowing and so cold outside that we spent more of the time at Vanessa’s house with her family and going on short day trips to nearby towns.  Some highlights include:

–          Getting taught how to play ‘Briscola’ by Vanessa, Claudia and their mum.  It was a fun and very vocal card game which used Italian cards which were a bit different to our playing cards.  It felt a little like 500 in the way of playing with a partner to win rounds with a trump suit. Vanessa mum was so patient with me in explaining the rules and playing with me in the mornings so I eventually kind-of got the hang of it.  I bought my own pack of cards to take home with me and can’t wait to play again.

–          Walking around Pesaro (a beach city) while it was covered in snow!  We kept slipping all over the place.  We went down to the beach and it was such an awesome but strange experience to be walking along a beach that has snow on it!


–          Enjoying the many cafes and coffee types in each town we visited.  Some nights we went out for a drink and the drink was more like a dessert!  Seriously so many ways to have coffee!!!

–          Enjoying ‘Italian Breakfasts’ which consisted of tea or Orzo (a hot barley drink) and dipping biscuits and then coffee.  Delicious but a weird feeling to be eating biscuits in the morning!!

–          Going to a supermarket.  We spent ages looking at all the different foods.  They had 2 isles of breakfast biscuits, 3 isles of pasta (seriously so many different types!!) and a whole isle of different oils etc!!  So fun just browsing!!

–          Having my hair cut at a local hairdresser.  Vanessa helped translate what I wanted.

–          Having amazing cooked meals by Vanessa’s mother – always delicious and fun family times – her Uncle sometimes came over and her family was always there for meals.  The best Italian food I have ever had!

–          Experiencing the regional trains and the way they can be delayed for at least 90 mins so we were often stuck in the little towns we visited!!

–          Seeing how Italians buy takeaway pizza … I have never in my life seen such a big pizza box!!

It was such a pity that Pina couldn’t make it (there was more snow down south which was really effecting the trains) but it was such a great time to spend with Vanessa and Felicity and to experience Italy in a day to day situation, her whole family was so hospitable and welcoming and I hope they come and visit me in Australia!!



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