Last day in London


My last day in England was really sad, but I woke up to a beautiful sight – snow on the terraces even if it was a bit gloomy and cold.

I finished all my packing and walked up to Wimbledon for the last time – it was turning into a crisp and clear day.  It was sad looking around the shops and streets for the last time, I tried to take everything in and put it all to memory.

Aunty Susan waved me off as my taxi picked me up and drove me out to the airport.  I went through really quickly, the lady checking in my luggage was extremely nice as it was 7kg over and she didn’t charge me anything for it!!  Read and waited for my flight.  The whole time not comprehending that I was LEAVING ENGLAND!!  I felt like I was just going off on another short trip for a week or something but the closer to take off – especially when they called my flight I started to feel so devastated and sad that I was leaving.

My actual flight was pretty uneventful – the first half to Seoul I just couldn’t get comfortable or sleep at all even though I was tired.  Watched a lot of movies and just thought about all the wonderful things I was leaving behind in England.  My stop-over in Seoul I just walked around and then got onto another plane – I slept most of the way to Sydney.  We were ahead of time and very early landing.  When I was awake I kept looking at the map which shows where the plane is and once it was over Australia I started to feel very excited.  Since it was so early and there were hardly any other flights coming in I sailed through immigration and customs and arrived before my wonderful welcome party!  Was engulfed by my family – didn’t recognise Michael (as he is so tall now) and walked right to Mum – special mention to Bethany for the beautiful sign she made!!

And thats it – back in Australia after a semester abroad!!


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