A week catching up with my travelling buddy! (part 1)


In the third week of my holidays I flew up to Brisbane to catch up with Claudette (who you should be very familiar with if you have been following this blog!)  I had the most amazing time with her… oh and the expert photos are thanks to Claudette as I forgot my camera (and lets face it … she is much better at taking photos than me!!)

Thurs 5th July – I had an early flight up to Brisbane – can you believe that a 10 hour drive is only a 1 hour flight!  Claudette and her brother met me at the airport … was so exciting to see her lovely face again!  We drove back to her place (in Capalaba, Redlands) where she pointed out awesome things on the way.  Went over the most crazy bridge ever – called “Gateway Bridge” which looked like it just went up and then dropped off!  Once at her house we sat outside in the sun and had a cup of tea and talked nonstop!  Then we decided to Wellington Point (had my first ever official cold rock experience) and sat on the grass enjoying the sun.  We walked out to King Island (yes walked as the tide was low) then drove to Cleaveland to watch the sun set which was absolutely beautiful.  That night we planned the rest of our week and spent a bit of time looking up possible camping sites.  

Fri 6th July – Had a sleep in as we had stayed up late talking, had breakfast and packed a picnic lunch.  We then drove out to Mount Coot-tha (still unsure of how to pronounce it!)  The lookout from the top was amazing – such a brilliant view of Brisbane – the cityscape, the port, the  surrounding residential areas, the bushland – I loved seeing the Brisbane river winding around.  We had our lunch at the top, took some photos and enjoyed the view.  Then we drove around to the start of a walking track to Simpson Falls.  Was a nice bush walk and a really pretty spot.  Took some fun photos but it started to rain a little so we walked back. Driving back to Claudette’s house we took the long/scenic/detour/got a little lost road but did make it back safely!!  That night we drove out to Yatala to taste their world famous pies (which did live up to their name) and go to the drive-in movies!  One of Claudette’s friends Tim came along.  Claudette has the coolest car in the world – a suzuki sierra and we transformed the backseat basically into a lounge room with the help of lots of pillows and blankets.  Watched “Ice-Age 4” which was hilarious and I was laughing out loud the whole time followed by a slightly more serious “Spiderman” which was also good.  Back at home we returned to our Leeds tradition of Baileys-hot chocolates!  A perfect day!


Sat 7th July – We decided to hit the city … we caught a bus into Carindale and then caught a bus into the city (did you know they have bus ways in Brisbane where only the bus can drive!! – so cool so they don’t get stuck in traffic!!)  We walked down to the Botanical gardens which were simply lovely… so green and on the water.  We had our lunch and got tempted by a man selling strawberries so we bought a punnet which was totally worth it – so delicious!!  There was a mangrove boardwalk so we walked along that and then across the Goodwill Bridge to South Bank.  I am in love with South Bank!!  It was just so beautiful – all the purple flowers lining the footpath!  I loved the atmosphere, so many families and people just relaxing on the grass – we sat and read for a bit in the sun before walking past the man-made beach and up to the markets.  Tasted a churio and then went into the entertainment hall as the Salvation Army was holding some sort of awareness day.  They had their choir and band playing music so we went inside and listened to them for a few songs … they sounded great!!  We then walked over the Victoria Bridge to Queen St mall and watched an awesome pair of street artists making paintings using spray paint (so cool!!)  We then did a little retail therapy in the form of stationary shopping (my absolute favourite!!)  Had a coffee and talked for ages then walked back to the bus stop and that night discussed Claudette’s 21st where she decided on a theme (I don’t want to ruin it cos I’ll write about it later but trust me it’s a cool theme!!)


To be continued…



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